Date night in the Valley!

FallCity_IconMy husband and I were finally able to have a long-awaited date night on Saturday! We chose to visit Mike, Candy, and Ryan Seal for the grand reopening of Sigillo Cellars and to check out their new tasting room in historic downtown Snoqualmie. The room was spacious, lovely and very busy. I really enjoyed the vibe and Mike was all smiles as he poured his wine to all his loyal customers. I was able to talk to Mike a little and I asked him how he came up with the name Sigillo, his response was that it was their last name in Italian. I thought that it was interesting and clever. We purchased a nice, crisp bottle of sparkling Viognier that compliments any summer day or festive event.

Our next stop was the Fall City Bistro. What a wonderful addition to the Snoqualmie Valley! While Chef Sean Langan has kept the exterior of the old Fall City Grill, he has brought the interior to a whole new level — a level of taste and sophistication that is welcomed in the valley. The entrees are amazing and exquisite, with a farm fresh feel that has been cooked to perfection. The service was delightful and extremely informative, our wonderful server Mathew was on top of things from the moment he approached our table.

From talking with Chef, I got the impression that he is the kind of chef that squeezes the melons, smells the broccoli, and tastes everything before it goes out. He has a natural perspective and I really wanted to portray that about him, so I told him I was going to steal his flyer and use his own words: ” All our dishes are made to order. The balance of flavors and the design of the menu is to incorporate the natural additives that mother nature has given us. Nothing is ever made ahead, the freshness in each dish is the guarantee of the Chef himself. Food is of balance and harmony, the flavors in my dishes are a melody of flavors, not to be over powered by any one thing, but of depth and the pursuit of natural organic layers!” Now that is some food dedication and the finished product is absolutely LOVELY!

However, the thing that caught my attention first and foremost was Chef’s wine list. It’s a very impressive list featuring many Washington State wines, including Snoqualmie Valley labels like Sigillo and Icon. I told my husband to just go ahead and choose, because I really enjoyed all the wine that was presented on the menu. Of course he chose the Porporina!  It just seemed appropriate since we were having a night in the Valley. Porporina, meaning purple in Italian, is bottled in Carnation’s own Icon Cellars by winemaker Jim Garner.


4050 Fall City Carnation Rd S.E.

Fall City, WA. 98024


Please refer to my article “The Three Amigos” to learn more about Jim Garner and Icon Cellars.

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