A life of Charm!

Frichette_cabWhile visiting Red Mountain, Mike and I had the pleasure of stopping at Frichette Winery, owned and operated by Greg and Shae Frichette. Frichette is a small family owned winery that has been operating for approximately 8 months. Normally I would not write about such a young winery, but Greg and Shae were very charming and their wine was wonderfully amazing.

Greg was raised in Pasco on a wheat farm and Shae was brought up in South Carolina growing produce. They both returned from vigorous corporate lives in California to a life of familiarity and charm rooted in their agricultural upbringing . A life that will allow them to spend time raising their children with grandparents and in a community known as a wonderful place to raise a family.

Greg and Shae were able to purchase a lot at 39412 N. Sunset Rd, in Benton City after a long search and a lot of asking if  local land owners would like to sell a plot on which they could grow and open a tasting room. After securing the property, they were amazed at the support they received from the local wine community and how tight-knit everyone seemed to be. They gained valuable knowledge from local grape grower Dick Boushey and employed Charlie Hoppes, owner of Fidelitas winery, as a consultant to help produce the lovely wine that flows from Frichette winery. While their own vines mature, they source grapes from all over the Columbia Valley and Red Mountain.

I am so thrilled to be a part of this young winery’s growth and to have had the pleasure to sample quality Red Mountain wine through Frichette Winery. I do not have a favorite wine from Frichette, for they are all matchably yummy. I did walk out with a bottle of 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon that is to die for — I believe my note for this wine is simply “good wine!”

When you have the opportunity to visit this wonderful winery please tell Greg and Shae “Hi!” from Kimberlea at Sip in Washington. I can’t wait to revisit!



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