Out of the Box

Typical, typical, typical!  A word that my readers may hear often;  wow, beautiful, and amazing may be rare ones.  I absolutely adore a wine that has been concocted out of pure passion, a wine that has unfamiliar descriptions such as marshmallow or pineapple, a wine maker who has stepped out of the box!  I had the recent opportunity to meet a wine maker who has done just that–step out of the box.

Kit Singh has been producing wine for Lauren Ashton for about four years, absolutely amazing!  He puts all his energy into making eight variations of wine. He limits himself because he wants to make sure that all his wine is premium and he doesn’t want to overextend or dilute his efforts. Kit is very consistent with his end product, Paul Gregutt of Wine Enthusiast Magazine ranks all of his wine 91 points or higher.

When I entered the tasting room I was immediately greeted, they found me a place to sit and Billy introduced me to the ultimate training in wine tasting.  I hadn’t thought to compare colors to gem stones, refract colors onto paper or my ring, or place my hand over the top of the glass while swirling to trap the true smell of wine–you’re wonderful Billy!

I wanted my first blog post to be an example of something out of the box, so that you can begin to understand my point of view and my taste. We all have our own tastes and I encourage you to make up your own mind about what is typical and what isn’t. I do recommend you visit this awesome winery for a tasting, and don’t be surprised if you walk out a club member.  Tell Billy that Kimberlea said hi!


Lauren Ashton Cellars

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