The Swirl Event!!

Mike and I went to the Legendary Swirl event at El Gaucho in Seattle last Saturday and we had a blast! I was able to talk with so many vendors, winemakers, and reps. They were all interesting and had a deep commitment to the wine that they created or represented. I had such a wonderful time talking to the people that I met, that I was not able to tour the full spectrum of the event. I was so intrigued with what everybody had to say about their wines, how they are produced, the stories behind the vineyards, and the passion involved!

I got a reEGS-Swirl2.jpgal sense about how wine is an art and a science rolled into one. One of the most intriguing things about the wine industry is the way it blends art and science together – the blending, the color, the taste, the smell, the processing, and the beauty. It is truly amazing how genuine works of art can be produced through a mastery of science!

The Swirl also showcased some really beautiful wines from Italy and South America. El Gaucho rolled out some lovely hors d’oeuvres for the wine event and if you chose to stay for dinner they had a beautiful five course wine pairing. This event comes once a year, check to see if your favorite winery is attending, make reservations and go! It is a lot of fun and we got to meet some really neat people, both those representing and those attending, who love wine as much as we do!!

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