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What is it that we think about when we think of our favorite wine? Let me refresh your memory-family, food, and fun!  Does it always have to be so traditional, and stuffy?  Why can’t we enjoy that type of experience in a fun, upscale environment that appeals to a range of ages and tastes? Is there a venue with a lively feel, some throwback exclusivity with “secret” club rooms, attentive staff and of course fabulous wine!

When my husband and I walked into Alexandria Nicole’s tasting room in Woodinville, we walked into an eclectic art space that was very welcoming and were immediately greeted by friendly staff.  The staff was very knowledgeable about their product and personalized our experience by providing one-on-one service and bonus tastings, in spite of being very busy.  We really enjoyed that Alexandria Nicole makes wines inspired by locations and stories, like Seattle University with their 2010 Seattle U. red wine — a Syrah backed blend — or Shepherd’s Mark — a Rhone style white blend(amazing!!!!!) that draws its name from the pioneering sheepherders that left their mark on Horse Heaven Hills.

I found their wine to be  expressive, bold, and a perfectly balanced mixture of talent, varietals, and passion.  The creative wine maker, Jarrod Boyle, has been able to bring a significant taste to all of the wine he produces. I adore them immensely, from their rich deeps reds to their golden whites. My favorites are their 2010 A-squared Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s a full-bodied cab with a lovely taste of dark fruits and the Shepherd’s Mark, a Rhone style blend with a floral mixture of tropical fruit. These are examples of wine that can be paired with food or drank by themselves for pure enjoyment.

Please make it a point to stop by the Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinvile and check out Alexandria Nicole’s tasting room.  You will be treated to a very comfortable, eclectic experience and some fantastic wine!

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Destiny Ridge Vineyard and Winery/Paterson-509-242-9979

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